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Sleepow Music Pillow

The Sleepow Music Pillow

Sleepow Music PillowIf you have a hard time falling asleep, you know how frustrating it is to lay in bed while the minutes tick away. What you may not know is that music can help with that. Studies show that listening to soft, soothing music before bed helps people relax and calm down so that they experience deeper, longer sleep.

Enter the Sleepow Music Pillow.

It’s a memory foam pillow with a sound machine and mp3 player built into it. Sleepow has pre-loaded binaural beats onto the sound machine, which are designed to help the user fall asleep more quickly and more deeply. However, you can still load your own music into the pillow, thanks to the mini USB port embedded in the side. Every single part of the stereo system is completely enveloped and surrounded by the memory foam and plush outer cover so that you can’t feel the speakers. You don’t have to plug it into anything either. With this pillow, sleep is merely a press of a button away.