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Catching Z’s — What Does It Mean?

Beautyrest Diamond Luxe Pillow

We’re all guilty of it — we like to use phrases and idioms that seem to say one thing, but mean something totally different. For instance, if you  catch someone napping, you might say that they’re “catching z’s.” What does that even mean?

As it happens, the phrase is a reference to the sound of snoring. The letter “Z” looks like the motion that one makes when using a hand-saw, which was what people commonly used to cut down trees. The sound of the wood being cut is reminiscent of the sound of snoring, so people used to say that someone who was snoring was “sawing wood,” often accompanying the phrase with a hand motion in the shape of a “Z.”

Eventually the hand motion was eliminated and the phrase simplified to include the “Z,” leading to the phrase we know now — Catching Z’s.


The Importance of Pillow Loft

Beautyrest Diamond Luxe PillowAn important, yet maybe less considered aspect of pillow shopping is choosing the loft that is best for your sleep style. The loft of a pillow is its thickness when it lays flat on your bed. The thicker it is, the higher its loft.

The importance of pillow loft goes hand-in-hand with the way you sleep. Back and stomach sleepers need a low-loft pillow — something around 3-4 inches. Having a thinner pillow allows them to sleep with proper spinal alignment, since their heads and necks won’t be pushed up uncomfortably by the height of a high-loft pillow. If you want a low-loft pillow, look for something with down filling, or find a thin, soft memory foam pillow.

Side sleepers need something thicker and generally firmer. There’s a larger space between the head and your mattress, thanks to the height of their shoulders. A 5- or 6-inch pillow is a good choice for side sleepers because it fills up that empty space. Plus, the extra firmness ensures that their heads won’t sink too far into the pillow. These two qualities work together so that side sleepers can rest their heads on a level plane to keep their necks and spines aligned.

Sleeping on a pillow with a proper loft is key to experiencing more restful and restorative sleep. With the right pillow, you’ll wake up with less pain and a happier outlook.

Get Down Tonight

Goose Down FeathersIf you’re looking for bedding with down in it, you know that you’re looking for a product that is cozy, comfy, and warm. From duvets to pillows, down is used in a number of different items — and at a number of different levels of quality.

The best kind of down is Eider down, which comes from the Eider duck in northern Europe. It is luxuriously soft and fluffy, and it has a massive fill power of up to 1200 — the highest natural fill power there is. Because it has such a great fill power, it does an exceptionally good job of providing insulation and warmth.

However, goose down will still do a very good job of supplying plush comfort. Not only is it more affordable, but its lower fill power is still insulating enough to keep you cozy in most climates, especially in the United States. Products with goose down will give you a more comfortable performance, temperature-wise, for a smaller price than that of Eider down.

The International Association of Bedding and Furniture Law Offices has developed several laws regarding the labeling of down products, including an important one that went into effect in 2000. This states that a product can only be labeled as “Down” if it contains at least 75% real down. If 90% of the fill is from a specific species, such as goose, the product can be labeled as “Goose Down.” And the term “100% Down” can only be used if the product is truly made with 100% down.

Now with the know-how and the legal info, you can go out and buy quality down bedding. You can check out our inventory at LinensforLiving.com, where we offers a variety of excellent down products at prices that are lower than a brick-and-mortar store. Wherever you go for your down bedding, go forth with new and detailed knowledge.

Downright Astra Summer Comforter

Summer-Weight Comforters

Downright Astra Summer ComforterIt’s mid-April, and spring has definitely arrived. Whether you live in the North or the South, along the coast or in the middle of the country, you’ve felt the warmer weather. It’s time for spring cleaning in every area of our lives.

It’s also time to change out the linens. Temperatures aren’t dropping so low at night anymore, which means that we don’t need the heavy bedding for much longer. If you’re someone who sleeps hot, this is probably pretty easy for you, because you don’t need as many layers. But for someone who sleeps cold or who enjoys bundling up at night no matter the season, it can be tricky finding the right bedding balance.

Summer-weight comforters are an excellent choice if you like having multiple layers while you sleep. It’s usually a lighter comforter with a lower fill power. When you have a lower fill power, you have less material inside the comforter to provide insulation. So no matter your bedding needs — whether you like lots of layers, whether you sleep hot, or whether you and your partner have different warmth preferences — a summer-weight comforter is an excellent choice for keeping comfortable at night.

Introducing Malouf — Artisans of Sleep

Malouf King 400 Thread Count Italian Sheet SetIt is our great pleasure to introduce Malouf, a new brand to our site. Malouf is known for crafting very high-quality, detail-oriented bedding and pillows in order to enhance your overall sleep experience.

The company began as the brainchild of two college students who wanted luxury bedding at an affordable price — and with creativity, meticulousness, and high-quality materials, Malouf was born. Now, with a large variety of products and a richly resourceful team, they’re reinventing the sleep industry to help you create bedroom environment that is both comfortable and healthy.

Malouf Isolus Liquid Gel Memory Foam Mattress TopperWith so many products available, Malouf offers something for everyone. Whether you have an actual condition that can affect your sleep, or you’re merely looking to feel more comfortable, they have a number of different kinds of pillows, sheets, and protectors to ensure that you sleep more soundly.

From their Zoned Pillows to their Isolus Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper, from their Encase line of protectors to their bestselling Bed in a Bag, Malouf is focused on providing you with the linens, bedding, and pillows that you need to live a healthier life.

Aico Abigail Bedding Collection by Michael Amini

Cottage-Style Bedding

Aico Abigail Bedding Collection by Michael AminiEssix Eternite Royal Sheet SetCottage and country trends in furniture and linens have been popular for a while now, allowing people to create an idyllic and peaceful environment in their home that reflects a gentler, more relaxed style. One of the easiest rooms where you can create a cottage atmosphere is the bedroom. Merely adding cottage-style bedding can change the entire attitude of the space. It’s one of the most convenient, inexpensive ways to alter a room. Plus, if you decide to splurge and get more expensive bedding, you don’t have to feel guilty — because bedding is an essential part of any home.

With the proper care, your cottage-style bedding set can last years as the perfect element of style for your bedroom environment. Whether it’s the main focus in a neutrally decorated room or a lovely embellishment to a statement bed, a quality bedding set that reflects your personal taste is exactly what you need in your bedroom.