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Thread Count: Does It Matter?

Malouf King 600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet SetAsk most consumers about thread count, and they’ll tell you the standard logic: the higher the thread count, the better the sheets.

While thread count is a worthy feature to keep in mind, this number alone doesn’t determine the quality of the linens you’re buying. Numerous high-end linens manufacturers, such as SFERRA and Peacock Alley, agree that quality depends on more than just the closeness of the weave. When you shop for sheets, you want to look not only for thread count, but also for the weight, the fiber, the finish, and the feel of the fabric.

The weight of the material is simply how heavy it is. Some fabrics are very light, while others can feel heavier — and this factor partly depends on the fiber used. “The finer the fiber, the finer the sheets,” says SFERRA in their “Lose Count” promotional video. Long-staple Egyptian cotton is a great material, because the length of each fiber allows it to be spun very finely, resulting in higher quality sheets.

The finish of the sheets is essentially how the fabric is treated once it is woven. This process is a large influence on the color, luster, and feel of the material. Many mass-market brands have poor finishes that come off after just one or two washes; but high-quality brands will put on a finish that makes the fabric feel more luxurious the more often you use it. This feel is ultimately the most important factor in choosing your sheets. If you enjoy the touch of the sheets, you’ll like using them.

So next time you’re in the market for new bedding, remember that while thread count still matters, it’s not the be-all and end-all when it comes to quality. Once you’ve also considered the weight, the fiber, the finish, and the feel, you’ll be able to make an educated and knowledgeable decision on the type of sheets that you want.

SFERRA Orchard Set of 4 Dinner Napkins

A Napkin for All Seasons

SFERRA Orchard Set of 4 Dinner NapkinsYou’d think that napkins are a pretty easy dining accessory. A napkin is a napkin is a napkin, right?

But not all napkins are created equal. It turns out that there are lots of different napkin sizes, depending on the type of occasion. The more formal the event, the larger the appropriate napkin.

As far as cocktail napkins go, 6” x 6” or 6” x 9” are the standard sizes. They’re about the same size as a typical paper napkin that comes in a package from the store. If you’re hosting an event that’s on the more casual side, but you still want it to look put-together and sophisticated, cloth cocktail napkins are the perfect small touch to take it to that level.

When it comes to dinner or formal napkins, the size ranges between 20” x 20” to 24” x 24”. They’re long enough to be folded into elegant shapes if you want to make a statement, and definitely big enough to cover one’s lap. It’s essentially what you would find in a more upscale restaurant.

Regardless of what you need, a set of quality cloth napkins is always a good investment. The less you need to prepare for an event, the better, so it’s nice to know that you can rely on your napkins to do their job and look gorgeous.

SFERRA Celine Throw Blanket

SFERRA Celine Throw Blanket

SFERRA Celine Throw Blanket

The SFERRA Celine Throw Blanket is one of the best throw blankets in the industry. Made with meticulous care and quality, it is versatile, practical, and appealing — the perfect piece to have around the house. It’s woven of 100% cotton, which is brushed before it is turned into a throw. Brushing removes the superfluous fibers and lint from the material, giving it a lush, cloud-like smoothness that is even softer than normal cotton. Plus, the cotton is still easy to care for and clean, so it’s not like you can’t ever use this throw for fear of ruining it. It’s upscale yet maintainable, and the blend of these characteristics is part of what sets the Celine Throw Blanket apart from many other linens.

One of the best things about the Celine is that it is extremely high quality, yet still very reasonably priced. Rarely do products from such a prestigious company have such an excellent price, so this really is a great deal. Plus, it’s comfortable, it’s attractive, and it’s affordable — it’s essentially the perfect throw blanket. You can put it anywhere and use it in any way, and because it’s made by such a premier company known for their care and consistency, this throw is going to last.

Sure, you can easily find throws that are cheaper. But if you’re looking for cheaper, you certainly can’t find throws that are the same quality. SFERRA’s standards are high for a reason: they want to be the best. And if you can get the best for a price like this, it’s a no-brainer — you need it.