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New Year, New Bedding!


The beginning of a new year is a great time to start off fresh and make changes in your life. You might start with the calendar, make a New Year’s resolution, or take a plunge with a life-changing endeavor. An easy way to start off the new year on a positive note is to invest in some new bedding! Maybe you’ve had the same bed coverings for decades, or maybe just a year, but chances are your bedroom has been looking the same for quite some time.


Remodeling projects are a pipe dream for most, requiring large amounts of time and money to recreate your kitchen, bathroom, or other area of the home. The bedroom, however, can be a bit easier. Aside from a few large pieces of furniture like the bed and dressers, bedrooms depend on a lot of linens products for both style and functionality. Your pillows, duvet, and bed skirt are likely at the center of your room, and often the most colorful aspect of the bedroom. A new set of bed linens can completely change the atmosphere of your bedroom, adding a new color scheme, texture, or design to the space. Looks aside, new bedding can also have a drastic effect on your quality of sleep and comfort when relaxing in bed. And all of this can be achieved for a fraction of the cost of remodeling a room, and in virtually no time at all!


So if you want an easy way to reinvigorate your home and make 2017 a year of positive change, redressing your bedroom can be a fun and easy way to do so!



Clearance Linens

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The Importance of Pillow Loft

Beautyrest Diamond Luxe PillowAn important, yet maybe less considered aspect of pillow shopping is choosing the loft that is best for your sleep style. The loft of a pillow is its thickness when it lays flat on your bed. The thicker it is, the higher its loft.

The importance of pillow loft goes hand-in-hand with the way you sleep. Back and stomach sleepers need a low-loft pillow — something around 3-4 inches. Having a thinner pillow allows them to sleep with proper spinal alignment, since their heads and necks won’t be pushed up uncomfortably by the height of a high-loft pillow. If you want a low-loft pillow, look for something with down filling, or find a thin, soft memory foam pillow.

Side sleepers need something thicker and generally firmer. There’s a larger space between the head and your mattress, thanks to the height of their shoulders. A 5- or 6-inch pillow is a good choice for side sleepers because it fills up that empty space. Plus, the extra firmness ensures that their heads won’t sink too far into the pillow. These two qualities work together so that side sleepers can rest their heads on a level plane to keep their necks and spines aligned.

Sleeping on a pillow with a proper loft is key to experiencing more restful and restorative sleep. With the right pillow, you’ll wake up with less pain and a happier outlook.