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Comfy Throws by Northwest Company

Batman Youth Comfy Throw by Northwest CompanyHarry Potter Hogwarts Adult Comfy Throw by Northwest Company

Northwest Company’s take on the sleeved blanket goes the extra mile with licensing from sports teams and pop culture. They make great gifts for sports fans or fans of popular media such as super heroes! These sleeved blankets are made from super soft polyester fleece and measure 46 by 71 inches (or 48 by 48 for kids sizes) to reach all the way to your feet. They are machine washable for easy maintenance and feature vibrant designs that are officially licensed. Northwest Company’s comfy throws are great for keeping cozy while watching TV, reading a book, eating lunch, or doing homework. Why settle for a generic sleeved blanket when you could have one representing your favorite sports team, comic book hero, or movie character?

Check them out here: http://bedding.linensforliving.com/search?w=comfy+throws

Wonder Woman Adult Comfy Throw by Northwest CompanyLSU Uniform Comfy Throw by Northwest Company


College Dorm Checklist

Indiana University Bed in a Bag by Northwest CompanyIf you’ve gone shopping lately, you’ve surely seen the racks and stacks of back-to-school supplies that are on display now. While it’s generally easy to figure out what a kid in middle school or high school will need, it gets a little trickier with college kids. Not only do they need regular school supplies, but they also need regular living basics if they’re living in a dorm or an apartment.

Not to worry — we have a comprehensive list of all the linens essentials that your college kid will need for the next four years. Shop online with us and save both time and money. Plus, get free shipping on everything you order!

Now without further ado, the Linens Essentials for College:



Living Area:

Don’t forget — we have a plethora of school-themed home products so that your kid can show their school spirit. Check out brands Northwest Company and College Covers to find licensed bedding and linens today!

Plus, we have a Back-to-School Pinterest board! This is a great place to start if you want a specially curated selection of college dorm items.

Looking for even better deals? Check out our clearance section, where you could find an even better price on the product you want.