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Winter Comforter

Downright Himalaya Siberian Winter ComforterThis has been a chaotic Winter! We can’t really complain about the mild November and most of December, but January and February have had my thermometer dancing. Every time I think Spring has finally broken, the temperature plummets for a few days leaving me unexpectedly cold when I walk outside.

I’ve been spending most of my time indoors, longing for some green grass and sunshine. One of the best ways to bundle up is with a winter-weight comforter. These comforters are noticeably heavy, usually with a high fill power, allowing it to better trap heat and insulate you from the cold. There are a couple of factors to keep in mind when you are looking for a new comforter:

If you are a hot or sweaty sleeper, even in the winter, winter-weight comforters may not breathe as well as you’d like. Being sweaty is counter-intuitive to keeping warm, so you want to make sure you aren’t working backwards.

If you’re more often cold at night, a winter-weight comforter should help significantly. Once you’ve decided what kind of weight you want your comforter to have, you can move on to choosing the size and color. So until we are sure that Spring has finally broken, get yourself a winter-weight comforter and save yourself from waking up shivering and tired.


What Is Sateen?

Peacock Alley Soprano Cuff Pillowcase PairSateen is one of the most popular types of textile weave. Like percale, it is commonly used in bedding — but it has a different weight, feel, and sheen. Ultimately, choosing sateen sheets is a personal choice based on what you find comfortable.

Sateen fabrics are not a plain weave, which is where each weft (widthwise) and warp (lengthwise) crisscrosses in an even pattern — one over, one under, and so on.

SFERRA Parro King QuiltInstead, the sateen weave is characterized by the way that the warp yarn “floats” over several weft yarns. Rather than going over one weft thread and under the next, the warp goes over three or four weft threads. This is how sateen gets its trademark gloss and smoothness.

Because this weave has so many floating threads, it is woven very tightly in order to minimize wear. Sateen is also a little thicker than percale, which means it is heavier. Bedding with a sateen weave is extra comfortable in winter because it will keep you warmer.

But again, ultimately, choosing sateen bedding is entirely a matter of personal comfort. Regardless of whether or not you think sateen is a good fit for you, LinensforLiving has a huge selection of bedding in sateen, percale, and jacquard weaves so that you can find the perfect bedding for you.

Lay Me Down in Sheets of Linen: The Benefits of Linen

sferra-classico-flat-sheetEven though the term “linens” is often used generically to describe any kind of household textile, it has a second meaning in regards to actual linen fabric, which is made from the flax plant.

Linen is one of the oldest known fabrics made by humans — going all the way back to Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt — so it has a long history to support its use today. Here are 5 reasons that you should consider investing in linen bedding.

1. Linen is a naturally breathable fabric. This means that it will conduct heat away from your body very well, which is important if you live in a hot climate or are a hot sleeper.

2. It is also very lightweight, which, again, is great for heat. If you have linen bedding, you won’t feel suffocated during summer nights from a heavy sheet or duvet.

3. Linen is very absorbent, and when it is damp, it doesn’t weight heavily on the body. It also dries fairly quickly, so if you sweat a lot in your sleep, you won’t wake up with soaked sheets. In fact, linen fibers are actually stronger wet than dry.

4. Durability is one of linen’s most important characteristics. Archaeologists have discovered 3000-year-old linen wrappings in Egyptian tombs that are in perfect condition, without any maintenance. In general, linen fibers are very strong — 2 to 3 times stronger than cotton threads. If you invest in linen bedding, not only will it last longer, but it will also remain in excellent condition longer than anything made from cotton.

5. In addition, linen naturally resists stains, dirt, and insects. It will still need to be regularly cleaned and cared for, but it will retain its quality for a long time.

If you like the idea of using linen textiles in your home, here are a few pointers to keep in mind as you shop:

  • Linen tends to wrinkle easily, but since the fabric is so well established in the textile industry, this feature is often considered part of its natural charm.
  • Linen lasts longer if it is not tumble-dried in a traditional dryer. Allowing it to air-dry will ensure a longer lifespan for linen fabric.
  • Even though linen fibers are very strong, they are not very flexible. This explains why they wrinkle, and also why continued creasing in the same spots will cause the fibers to break. If you have linen textiles in storage, take them out every few months and shake out the wrinkles to prevent any breakage.
  • Linen bedding isn’t cheap. However, the nature of the fabric means that it will last much longer than any cotton or polyester sheets that you buy — so by investing now, you will save money in the long run.

Save Money, Stay Warm: The Chili Technology Chilipad

It’s been a pretty mild winter so far, but there’s still plenty of time left for the weather to get colder before spring comes along. And when those temperatures drop, you know what rises? Your energy bill.

Even though it’s not always easy to keep the heat low during a typical winter day, it’s possible to turn it down at night without freezing. One way is to pile on the blankets and comforters, but that can feel a little claustrophobic and suffocating. There’s a better way to stay warm at night with the Chili Technology Chilipad.

How does the Chilipad work?

chili-technology-chilipad-1Like a traditional mattress pad, you control the temperature of your Chilipad with a remote. However, the Chilipad is more advanced — and ultimately, convenient — because not only can it heat up your bed, but it can also cool it down. So during winter, you can stay cozy and warm, and during summer, you can cool down your sleeping environment. This leads to lower bills, since you won’t need to keep the heat or AC cranked at night anymore.

As an added benefit, each half of the Chilipad is individually controlled. If you’re a hot sleeper, and your partner isn’t, you can both stay happy and comfortable by heating or cooling your own side of the bed as you need.

Extra Perks:

Not sure if the Chili Technology Chilipad is for you? Check out a few of its other benefits to see why the Chilipad is worth the investment.

  • Wireless remote control displays temperature
  • Sleep timer can be programmed to specific durations of use
  • Automatically shuts off after 10 hours of use
  • Machine washable
  • Works great with the sheets you already have


This Is How You Should Clean Your Luxury Linens

sferra-riano-king-blanketWhen you invest in luxury linens, you plan on using them for years to come. That’s one of the main reasons to get luxury linens — when properly cared for, they last much longer than cheaper department store bedding and towels.

Follow these care tips to ensure that your linens last as long as possible.


Before you use your linens for the first time, make peacock-alley-uptown-bath-towelsure to pre-wash them — especially if you’re washing bedding. Not only is it standard practice to wash brand new linens, but luxury linens get softer with each washing.

If you are using a washing machine, use lukewarm water on the gentle cycle to ensure the integrity of the fibers. It’s also important to remember that regular softener can damage your linens and leave chemicals on your skin, so use vinegar instead. If you insist on using detergent, use about half the recommended amount, and make sure to dilute it before pouring it onto your linens.

Always check the washing instructions. Because the lifespan of your linens depends on how you care for them, follow the instructions that come with them. If they need to be hand-washed, hand wash them. If they need to be dry-cleaned, dry-clean them. This will help your linens last as long as possible, which will save you money in the long run.


The safest and gentlest way to dry linens is by hanging them out on the line, but that’s not a feasible option for most people. When you use your machine dryer, check the label before you choose a setting. Low heat is a pretty safe setting for most linens, but make sure to remove and shake out your linens while they’re still a little damp.

High heat is never recommended when machine-drying linens because it’s a sure-fire way to weaken the fibers. Once weakened, they cannot be strengthened, and they will wear out and break more quickly, resulting in pilling.

Drying linens on high heat will also cause the most shrinkage. Even though many companies will pre-shrink their products, shrinkage is an expected result of any first wash. The best way to make sure that your linens retain their best shape and size is to avoid high heat at any and all points during the laundering process.

See our post on how to store your linens so that they stay in great shape for years to come.

How to Mix & Match Your Throw Pillows

sferra-corsini-dec-pillowThrow pillows are one of the best ways for you to showcase your personality in your living space. No matter which side of your personality you want to shine through, throw pillows give you the perfect opportunity to talk about yourself without actually speaking.

So how do you go about mixing throw pillows that seemingly don’t match?

Matchy-matchy home furnishings are totally overrated, so combining different patterns, textures, and colors isn’t too hard.

If you have a fairly neutral color scheme in your living room, you can do pretty much anything with your throw pillows. Black, white, brown, and navy are all excellent base colors that allow you to have lots of fun with your accessories.

For your first set of pillows, choose a pair with a large, obvious pattern, or a pair with texture in a solid color. The pattern or texture can be as intricate or bold as you like. If you’re unsure, stripes are nearly always a good choice. Stripes are to pattern-mixing what black is to color-matching. Thick stripes, paisley, big florals, and chunky animal print are all good examples.








Your second set of pillows should feature a smaller, more subtle pattern. Wherever you went big and bold with the first pair, go in the opposite direction with the second — but not so opposite that your pillows are boring. Remember, this is a chance to have fun with your décor! Houndstooth, small stripes, tiny polka dots, and intricate latticework are all easy choices.








Things to keep in mind:

One of your pillow pairs should be smaller than the other. Make sure to check the dimensions before you buy, because you want to be able to see the patterns and colors rather than hide them. Plus, differently sized pillows give your sofa more depth and dimension for a more attractive room.

If you don’t have a natural eye for coordinating colors, that’s okay! If one set of pillows has a subtle shade in it that you really like, find a second set of pillows that features that color more dominantly.

color-wheel-mix-match-throw-pillowsAlso keep an image of a color wheel in mind. Wedges in the wheel will coordinate well with the colors across from them, and less so with the colors next to them.

If you would prefer to skip the second pair of pillows, you can get a rug instead. It’s just as easy to coordinate with your pillows, and it can have an even bigger impact on your space.

How to Make Your Bed Look Like a Hotel Bed

sferra-florissa-king-duvet-coverWhen you visit a hotel, especially a really nice one, you know that the focus of the room is on the bed. The bed has to both look good and feel good, since the reason that the hotel exists is to provide people with a comfortable and safe place to sleep.

What do you expect from a hotel bed? First, cleanliness. This bed isn’t yours, so you’re probably more likely to notice if something isn’t clean or fresh — especially the sheets. When you crawl under the covers at night, you want the fabric to feel crisp and soft.

eastern-accents-abernathy-folly-parch-btn-tft-cftr-1You also want to be comfortable. Part of this stems from the bed’s cleanliness, but another part depends on the mattress. Most hotels invest in mattresses that have a middle-of-the-road comfort level in order to appeal to as many people as possible. No matter how you end up styling your bed, having a quality mattress that feels comfortable is key to enjoying your bed.

So how does one go about styling their own hotel-worthy bed?

Luxurious Sheets

Just as a good mattress is an investment in your quality of sleep, so are your sheets. Cheap microfiber sheets may feel good on your wallet, but they’re not going to hold up to regular use, nor will they feel as good on your skin.

When you’re looking at bed linens, look for 100% long-staple cotton with a thread count of 200 to 400. These are the kind of sheets that feel great when you first purchase them and continue to feel softer the more you use and wash them. You’ll have to spend more on them, but they will last a long time, and your bed will feel more luxurious and comfortable overall.

If you’ve noticed, most hotels use white sheets. This is entirely up to personal taste, but to achieve that hotel look, white sheets are the best choice here. They look clean and fresh, and they have a certain classic simplicity that other colors just can’t beat.

Calming Colors

It’s been proven that blue is the best bedroom color for sleep, so when you’re picking bedding, you don’t want to choose bold, saturated colors because they aren’t as conducive to restorative sleep. Stay closer to neutrals and pastels, as they generally have a more soothing effect on the mind.

Don’t Overdo It on the Decorative Pillows . . .

Having a few decorative pillows to add depth and dimension to your bed is totally fine. If that’s what you love, then you should do it. But if they get in the way of making your bed, or if they’re so much of a hassle that you can’t enjoy them, then they aren’t worth it. You want to balance practicality and visual appeal, so decorate accordingly.

. . . But Invest in a Good Sleeping Pillow

Part of any good night’s sleep is a good sleeping pillow. The kind of pillow that you need depends on both sleeping position and personal comfort — but no matter how those two traits work together, you need a pillow that provides good neck and head support.