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What Are the Benefits of Blackout Curtains?

Niche by Eastern Accents Tonkin Renae Breeze Curtain PanelCurtains are probably not the foremost topic on your mind, but there’s actually a specific kind of curtain that’s better for your bedroom than any other curtain: the blackout curtain.

What is a blackout curtain, you ask? It’s a window covering that has coating or lining across the back to block light. Depending on the number of times it has been coated, a curtain can block from 50% to even 100% of light from a direct source.

You can probably see why a blackout curtain is the ideal curtain for your bedroom. Even if you’re typically up before the sun, they’re an excellent investment if you live in an area with a lot of light pollution, such as a busy city. Blackout curtains are especially beneficial if you’re a new parent, if you travel a lot, or if you’re sensitive to light.

We’re not the only ones who support the use of blackout curtains. The National Sleep Foundation asked Alison Vinciguerra of longdistanceloving to participate in their #GoodNights Challenge, and she specifically mentioned the usefulness of her blackout curtains.

If you’re considering adding blackout curtains to your bedroom décor, you’ll find that they’re definitely worth the investment. Check out our selection at linensforliving.com, and you’ll find the best prices — so your investment doesn’t break the bank. Sweet dreams!


Victorian-Style Bedding

Aico Portofino Bedding Collection by Michael AminiOne of the most popular styles in furniture, linens, and décor is the Victorian style, which takes its inspiration from turn-of-the-century England, when Queen Victoria reigned. The general tone for this style involves opulence, grand overall design, and intricate details. The elaborateness of the patterns is part of what distinguishes this style, as most others don’t feature as much detail.

This kind of ornate atmosphere is very popular in bedrooms, as it promotes an attitude of luxury and relaxation. Even if the setup of your room doesn’t have a Evelyn Daybed Bedset by Eastern Accentsvery Victorian feel, it’s easy to create a more opulent environment in one simple step — by merely changing your bedding. This one action could entirely transform your room, depending on the versatility of your décor.

If you want to create this kind of look in your bedroom, you can find a variety of sumptuous bedding sets at linensforliving.com. It’s easy to find the exact sheets, comforters, and bedding to set the Victorian mood.