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So What’s Really the Best Color for Your Bedroom?

Ceylon Bedset by Eastern AccentsWant a better night’s sleep? A study from Travelodge shows that one way to do this is to paint your bedroom blue.

Blue is generally associated with feelings of calmness, which helps people unwind and fall asleep. It also has a physical affect on the body, as it helps reduce your blood pressure and slow your heart rate , which helps people stay asleep. According to the study, people who slept in a blue room got seven hours and 52 minutes of sleep — more than people with any other wall color.

Aico Jardin Bedding Collection by Michael AminiYellow and green came in second and third place, respectively. Sleepers with rooms in these colors still got over seven and a half hours of sleep.

Really, the biggest color to avoid in a sleeping environment is the color purple. Even though Radiant Orchid was the Pantone Color of the Year for 2014, purple tends to stimulate the mind, and those with purple bedrooms slept only six hours a night. While this makes it a great color for lots of other rooms, it’s a major drawback in the bedroom.

Even if your room isn’t painted blue, a blue theme in your décor and bedding can make a difference in the way you sleep. Simply changing up your sheets and comforter could be the key to a more restful night. Check out our website to find great deals on bedding in the most calming colors. In just a few minutes, you could be well on your way to better sleep.


Victorian-Style Bedding

Aico Portofino Bedding Collection by Michael AminiOne of the most popular styles in furniture, linens, and décor is the Victorian style, which takes its inspiration from turn-of-the-century England, when Queen Victoria reigned. The general tone for this style involves opulence, grand overall design, and intricate details. The elaborateness of the patterns is part of what distinguishes this style, as most others don’t feature as much detail.

This kind of ornate atmosphere is very popular in bedrooms, as it promotes an attitude of luxury and relaxation. Even if the setup of your room doesn’t have a Evelyn Daybed Bedset by Eastern Accentsvery Victorian feel, it’s easy to create a more opulent environment in one simple step — by merely changing your bedding. This one action could entirely transform your room, depending on the versatility of your décor.

If you want to create this kind of look in your bedroom, you can find a variety of sumptuous bedding sets at linensforliving.com. It’s easy to find the exact sheets, comforters, and bedding to set the Victorian mood.

Aico Abigail Bedding Collection by Michael Amini

Cottage-Style Bedding

Aico Abigail Bedding Collection by Michael AminiEssix Eternite Royal Sheet SetCottage and country trends in furniture and linens have been popular for a while now, allowing people to create an idyllic and peaceful environment in their home that reflects a gentler, more relaxed style. One of the easiest rooms where you can create a cottage atmosphere is the bedroom. Merely adding cottage-style bedding can change the entire attitude of the space. It’s one of the most convenient, inexpensive ways to alter a room. Plus, if you decide to splurge and get more expensive bedding, you don’t have to feel guilty — because bedding is an essential part of any home.

With the proper care, your cottage-style bedding set can last years as the perfect element of style for your bedroom environment. Whether it’s the main focus in a neutrally decorated room or a lovely embellishment to a statement bed, a quality bedding set that reflects your personal taste is exactly what you need in your bedroom.