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Outdoor Rugs

Oriental Weavers Karavia 1330X Geometric Tan and Light Tan Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs are an easy way to make a big change to any outdoor space. Lay an outdoor rug on your deck, patio, or even your driveway to add a splash of color and protect shoeless feet. Outdoor rugs are designed to be more durable than indoor rugs, resistant to weather, filth, and deterioration. At Linens for Living you will find dozens of outdoor rugs so you can choose a pattern and size to perfectly accommodate any space. Enjoy your deck during the summer without worrying about splinters by laying out a colorful outdoor rug. Or pitch an outdoor rug in your garage to cover the cold and unforgiving cement floor. Put an outdoor rug poolside for a soft and slip-free area to dry off and hang out. Whatever sort of outdoor space you have, an outdoor rug can certainly enhance its look and functionality. Shop our selection for your favorite color or decor theme that matches your indoor or outdoor design, or browse our array of outdoor rugs to discover something you’ll love to see and feel in your outdoor space. Our outdoor rugs start at very affordable prices and can be ordered in several size options to perfectly fit your space. Check them out today!

Momeni Veranda 05 Outdoor Rug in Mocha


Cottage Style Rugs


Whether for your cottage or your country style home, cottage style rugs have a warm and inviting feel with a (usually) neutral color scheme. Cottage style rugs are great for kitchens, entryways, and bedrooms, both functionality and stylistically adding to the room. Common cottage style rug patterns include floral or animal skin, with some geometric and traditional designs also working well.


The cottage/country/lodge style is a broad category with a few consistencies. This category is intended for decor reminiscent of a cottage, lodge, or country home, and as such often reflects nature-themed patterns. Floral and animal print are common, as well as patterns depicting wildlife such as birds. Sometimes, country landscapes can also be used in rugs, wall art, and other types of decorations. Another common occurrence in the country/cottage/lodge category is the use of neutral colors. Though occasionally floral patterns and artful country depictions may use more color, country style decor tends to use a lot of brown and muted greens. These colors are abundant in rural locations, and can be nostalgic of an up north or country home for those living in the city.

So if you are looking to bring the charming atmosphere of the country to your home, or furnishing a cottage or lodge, our selection of cottage style rugs make a great addition to the look and feel of any living space.


Kitchen Rugs


When you think of buying a new rug for your home, your mind may immediately go to a stylish new area rug for you living room, a soft and comfortable rug for your bedroom, or a chic rug for your entryway to give guests a good first impression. But rugs aren’t all about looks! A rug can be a great solution for improving the functionality and safety of your home, by turning a slick tile or hardwood floor into a soft and secure carpeted surface.


Next to the bathroom, your kitchen is the most likely room to end up with a wet tile floor that can be a potential safety hazard. Whether it be from a spill, washing dishes, or other scenario, a wet kitchen floor can be dangerous if someone is unaware or not being attentive. A quality kitchen rug is a great solution, gripping the slick floor and providing an absorbent and stable walking surface. And these rugs don’t have to be all about function and safety! You can find hundreds of different designs and patterns in our kitchen rug section, from simple and functional to extravagant and stylish. Match your current kitchen decor or add a fun accent with a new kitchen rug, while at the same time improving safety.


Linens for Living is your solution for rugs in any room of the home, with over a thousand options to choose from from high-quality brands like Oriental Weavers, Surya, and Momeni. As with all of our products, we have the lowest prices on every rug we offer, so you can save time, money, and hassle by shopping with us. Order your new kitchen rug today!


For the Love of Pattern: Ikat

Niche by Eastern Accents Downey Bedset

Niche by Eastern Accents Downey Bedset

It’s not often that you find a popular trend with a rich history, but with ikat, that’s exactly what you get. Ikat — pronounced “ee-KAHT” — is a huge trend in the interior design and textiles industries. In fact, it’s been around since at least the 15th century, and potentially even earlier than that. Textiles do not preserve well as a general rule, but scholars have found ikat fabrics from the pre-Columbian era.

Because of its trendiness, ikat now has two meanings. Originally, it was solely a method of dyeing and weaving threads to create a complexly patterned fabric. In a design context, it can also designate a pattern that has an ikat look to it. But what is an ikat look?

Part of what sets ikat apart from other patterns is that its colors tend to look like they’re running together. While most modern manufacturers will simply design their fabric prints to stamp on a pattern to look this way, a genuine ikat weave will run the colors together naturally through the process of making the piece of fabric.

This happens because a real ikat weave begins as blank threads that are tied strategically to prevent color from reaching certain sections — similar to modern tie-dye, but more refined. Once the dyed threads are dry, they are woven together by one of three methods: weft ikat, warp ikat, or double ikat. These qualifiers simply signify the threads in the fabric that have been dyed. Depending on the type of weave, the resulting pattern can be more or less precise, affecting how much the colors look like they’re running together.

No matter the specific design that results from the ikat weave, it’s this look of bleeding colors that designates it as ikat, in the modern sense. Both abstract and generally colorful, ikat has been able to hold a certain appeal for centuries that most trends can’t even hope to compete with.

With ikat, you’re getting a pattern that will liven up your home without going out of style. Check out our wide selection of ikat bedding and décor to add an enduring yet trendy touch to your home.

College Dorm Checklist

Indiana University Bed in a Bag by Northwest CompanyIf you’ve gone shopping lately, you’ve surely seen the racks and stacks of back-to-school supplies that are on display now. While it’s generally easy to figure out what a kid in middle school or high school will need, it gets a little trickier with college kids. Not only do they need regular school supplies, but they also need regular living basics if they’re living in a dorm or an apartment.

Not to worry — we have a comprehensive list of all the linens essentials that your college kid will need for the next four years. Shop online with us and save both time and money. Plus, get free shipping on everything you order!

Now without further ado, the Linens Essentials for College:



Living Area:

Don’t forget — we have a plethora of school-themed home products so that your kid can show their school spirit. Check out brands Northwest Company and College Covers to find licensed bedding and linens today!

Plus, we have a Back-to-School Pinterest board! This is a great place to start if you want a specially curated selection of college dorm items.

Looking for even better deals? Check out our clearance section, where you could find an even better price on the product you want.

How Outdoor Linens Can Help You Entertain

sferra-tilton-table-runner-1 SFERRA Piccadilly Set of 4 Dinner NapkinsWhether you’re hosting a party soon or you have a lot of friends that like to drop by for a visit, it’s not difficult to make sure that your patio or deck looks inviting. There are several easy ways to make sure that your outdoor living area is just as reflective of your personal style as the inside — and having an exterior that’s as put-together as your interior is a sure-fire way to make your friends and guests feel welcome.

So where do you start? Depending on the size of your space and the way you want to use it, you may need only a rug and some pillows. A patterned outdoor rug is a great way to add some dimension and detail, and the addition of some bright, complementary outdoor pillows will add comfort and color to the overall look.

If you like to use your outdoor space for larger gatherings, you’ll want to look into some extra table linens. A party isn’t a party unless there’s food, and guests notice when you have napkins, placemats, and table cloths that add to the tone of the party. These are especially important yet subtle decorations if you’re hosting an outdoor bridal or baby shower, because they’ll help tie everything together.

If you’re a little unsure about mixing and matching, a lot of brands make complementary sets. SFERRA offers numerous sets like this, such as their Floradella collection, which features a table runner with matching dinner napkins and placemats, or the Festival collection, which offers table linens a wide array of colors and sizes. Similarly, but for a little less money, Tag features a wide variety of kitchen and dining linens, including their Indigo collection.

No matter what you decide to add to your patio or deck, your best bet is to follow your intuition. Choose outdoor linens that complement your personal style, because chances are, your personal style will influence the way you entertain. The linens are just a fantastic way to underscore your unique taste.

Fabric Pile - Terry Cloth

What Is Fabric Pile?

Fabric Pile - Terry ClothWhether you’ve been determinedly searching for a specific product or loosely perusing the linens section of the store, it’s possible that you’ve come across the term “pile” in a description.

The pile of a fabric refers to the raised loops that make up the weave. This is done on purpose as part of the structure of the material. Think of your fluffiest towel, or even your carpet. You may not necessarily see actual loops on these materials, but the fact that they have vertical fibers on the surface is a sign that the product was woven in a pile weave.

The most distinctive fabric with a pile weave is terry cloth. If you take a second to look more closely at the material, you can see the loop pile construction. The length of the loops is an indicator of the towel’s absorbency — so when you’re buying bath linens, you’ll want to look for something with a higher pile.

For the fabrics that don’t have actual loops, you can still determine the length of the pile by the height of the yarn strands that stick up out of the base fabric. There are many bath linens that may not have loops, but if they are made of Egyptian Cotton and still have a high pile, they will still be very absorbent.

Even rugs, which are typically not made of terry unless they’re for the bathroom, will have a pile. The pile depth can range from flat to shag. This length will help determine how soft the rug initially feels, as well as its appearance. Designers can even make patterns in rugs by using different pile depths across the surface.

With a little more understanding of industry terms, it’s easier to know what you’re looking for to make your home more comfortable.