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Kitchen Rugs


When you think of buying a new rug for your home, your mind may immediately go to a stylish new area rug for you living room, a soft and comfortable rug for your bedroom, or a chic rug for your entryway to give guests a good first impression. But rugs aren’t all about looks! A rug can be a great solution for improving the functionality and safety of your home, by turning a slick tile or hardwood floor into a soft and secure carpeted surface.


Next to the bathroom, your kitchen is the most likely room to end up with a wet tile floor that can be a potential safety hazard. Whether it be from a spill, washing dishes, or other scenario, a wet kitchen floor can be dangerous if someone is unaware or not being attentive. A quality kitchen rug is a great solution, gripping the slick floor and providing an absorbent and stable walking surface. And these rugs don’t have to be all about function and safety! You can find hundreds of different designs and patterns in our kitchen rug section, from simple and functional to extravagant and stylish. Match your current kitchen decor or add a fun accent with a new kitchen rug, while at the same time improving safety.


Linens for Living is your solution for rugs in any room of the home, with over a thousand options to choose from from high-quality brands like Oriental Weavers, Surya, and Momeni. As with all of our products, we have the lowest prices on every rug we offer, so you can save time, money, and hassle by shopping with us. Order your new kitchen rug today!



This Is How You Should Store Your Linens

If you have sheets or table linens that you only pull out when guests come around, then you know that it’s important to care for them properly. Since these linens spend most of the year tucked away waiting to be used, it’s necessary to store them safely so that they retain their good quality on the rare occasion that you pull them out.

There are two common methods for storing linens.

sferra-festival-tablecloth-oblong-11. The first is to fold them and keep them in a cool, dry place. This could be a linen closet, a cedar-lined drawer or trunk, a garment bag, or a storage container.

One important thing to keep in mind with this strategy is that your linens will keep their color and integrity best if you wrap them in acid-free tissue paper or a clean piece of cotton or linen fabric.

You should also layer your pieces according to weight. The heavier fabrics should go on the bottom, and the lighter ones on top. This will help prevent stressing along                                                                 the fold lines on the lighter fabrics, which in turn will keep                                                                the threads from breaking.

sferra-tesoro-sheet-set2. The second method for storing linens is to hang them on padded hangers. Any dry, cool closet with a hanger rod will do.

When you have them hanging, it’s a good idea to cover them with an old, clean pillowcase made of cotton or linen. If you use a plastic bag, you run the risk of trapping any potential moisture in the fabric, and possibly even discoloring your linens by a chemical reaction.

A few extra things to keep in mind as you store your linens:

  • Don’t starch your linens before you store them. Starch attracts insects, even if you have them stored in an airtight container or a cedar-lined drawer.
  • Always thoroughly clean and dry your linens before you put them away for an extended period of time. When you use them again, you want to be able to use them immediately.
  • Every 4-6 months, check on your linens. Look for mildew or bugs, and shake them briefly to make sure that the fold creases go away.
  • You can also put a lavender sachet in your closet or drawer to keep your linens smelling fresh! Read our post on DIY sachets to make your own.

Holiday Gift Guide

Need a gift that everyone can enjoy?

Give the gift of comfort.


For the couch-napper


For the indulgent one


For the aspiring witch or wizard






For man’s best friend


For the Hoosier


For the cuddler








For the advice-giver


For the wild one


For the new parents








For the cougar


For the Ice Queen


For the one who accepts only the best







For the Doctor


For the fan who never gives up hope


For the one with the green thumb






For the budding athlete



For the Anglophile


For the Celine Dion fan







For the eco-friendly soul


For the music lover


For your favorite hostess







Find everything you need to keep your friends and family comfortable year-round with the fabulous selection of bedding, bath, and home décor pieces at LinensforLiving.

Happy holidays, and happy shopping!

How to Make Creative & Festive Holiday Table Settings

linensforliving-holiday-centerpiece-ideas-2As the beginning of November draws nigh, it’s time to start thinking about holiday parties. If you’re someone who typically prefers to attend them at other people’s homes, kudos to you. All you need to worry about is enjoying yourself and being a good guest.

On the other hand, if you typically host a gathering or party of some kind, you know that a well-decorated party is a party that is remembered. Stand-out centerpieces will catch your guests’ attention, and buffet table accents can keep them talking until next year. Plus, it’s always satisfying to look at your home and know that your decorations and setup look incredible.

linensforliving-holiday-centerpiece-ideasIf your get-together is harvest-themed, as many are in the fall, you could always go with the classic cornucopia. Lots of craft stores carry them at this time of year, and you can fill them with all sorts of tiny gourds and corn, which many farmers’ markets and orchards sell in the fall. Or if you want individual table settings, you can make little dessert cornucopias out of ice cream cones to place at each person’s spot at the table!

If your style is a little simpler, try this combination: a large cup + seasonal produce. It’s super easy, and it brings in the spirit of the season without getting overly festive or complicated. For instance, floating a few apples in a water-filled vase or cup totally cries “harvest,” and it gives your home a fresh feel at the same time. If it’s closer to Christmas, just fill a cup with cranberries and a little water, and then put a floating candle on top. So festive.

linensforliving-holiday-centerpiece-ideas-3Maybe table runners are more your style. It’s easy to make a natural table runner simply by arranging evergreen springs and pine cones along the center of the table. It’ll require a little time, as you’ll need to gather as much as you want and set it up, but the effect will look effortless. If you prefer something a little more controlled, you can get a long, narrow box without a lid, or a baguette tray, and fill it with seasonal produce, pine sprigs, candles, or flowers. These are great because you get to be as creative as you like, with whichever materials you like.

Lastly, don’t forget that even if you have the perfect decorations, dining staples such as napkins and tablecloths are just as important at your party. We have a great selection of gorgeous table linens to complete your theme                                                              and help your holiday gathering go as smoothly as possible.

And if you’re looking for a little more inspiration, check out                                                              our “Table Tableaux” board on Pinterest!

How Outdoor Linens Can Help You Entertain

sferra-tilton-table-runner-1 SFERRA Piccadilly Set of 4 Dinner NapkinsWhether you’re hosting a party soon or you have a lot of friends that like to drop by for a visit, it’s not difficult to make sure that your patio or deck looks inviting. There are several easy ways to make sure that your outdoor living area is just as reflective of your personal style as the inside — and having an exterior that’s as put-together as your interior is a sure-fire way to make your friends and guests feel welcome.

So where do you start? Depending on the size of your space and the way you want to use it, you may need only a rug and some pillows. A patterned outdoor rug is a great way to add some dimension and detail, and the addition of some bright, complementary outdoor pillows will add comfort and color to the overall look.

If you like to use your outdoor space for larger gatherings, you’ll want to look into some extra table linens. A party isn’t a party unless there’s food, and guests notice when you have napkins, placemats, and table cloths that add to the tone of the party. These are especially important yet subtle decorations if you’re hosting an outdoor bridal or baby shower, because they’ll help tie everything together.

If you’re a little unsure about mixing and matching, a lot of brands make complementary sets. SFERRA offers numerous sets like this, such as their Floradella collection, which features a table runner with matching dinner napkins and placemats, or the Festival collection, which offers table linens a wide array of colors and sizes. Similarly, but for a little less money, Tag features a wide variety of kitchen and dining linens, including their Indigo collection.

No matter what you decide to add to your patio or deck, your best bet is to follow your intuition. Choose outdoor linens that complement your personal style, because chances are, your personal style will influence the way you entertain. The linens are just a fantastic way to underscore your unique taste.

SFERRA Orchard Set of 4 Dinner Napkins

A Napkin for All Seasons

SFERRA Orchard Set of 4 Dinner NapkinsYou’d think that napkins are a pretty easy dining accessory. A napkin is a napkin is a napkin, right?

But not all napkins are created equal. It turns out that there are lots of different napkin sizes, depending on the type of occasion. The more formal the event, the larger the appropriate napkin.

As far as cocktail napkins go, 6” x 6” or 6” x 9” are the standard sizes. They’re about the same size as a typical paper napkin that comes in a package from the store. If you’re hosting an event that’s on the more casual side, but you still want it to look put-together and sophisticated, cloth cocktail napkins are the perfect small touch to take it to that level.

When it comes to dinner or formal napkins, the size ranges between 20” x 20” to 24” x 24”. They’re long enough to be folded into elegant shapes if you want to make a statement, and definitely big enough to cover one’s lap. It’s essentially what you would find in a more upscale restaurant.

Regardless of what you need, a set of quality cloth napkins is always a good investment. The less you need to prepare for an event, the better, so it’s nice to know that you can rely on your napkins to do their job and look gorgeous.