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New Year, New Bedding!


The beginning of a new year is a great time to start off fresh and make changes in your life. You might start with the calendar, make a New Year’s resolution, or take a plunge with a life-changing endeavor. An easy way to start off the new year on a positive note is to invest in some new bedding! Maybe you’ve had the same bed coverings for decades, or maybe just a year, but chances are your bedroom has been looking the same for quite some time.


Remodeling projects are a pipe dream for most, requiring large amounts of time and money to recreate your kitchen, bathroom, or other area of the home. The bedroom, however, can be a bit easier. Aside from a few large pieces of furniture like the bed and dressers, bedrooms depend on a lot of linens products for both style and functionality. Your pillows, duvet, and bed skirt are likely at the center of your room, and often the most colorful aspect of the bedroom. A new set of bed linens can completely change the atmosphere of your bedroom, adding a new color scheme, texture, or design to the space. Looks aside, new bedding can also have a drastic effect on your quality of sleep and comfort when relaxing in bed. And all of this can be achieved for a fraction of the cost of remodeling a room, and in virtually no time at all!


So if you want an easy way to reinvigorate your home and make 2017 a year of positive change, redressing your bedroom can be a fun and easy way to do so!



Cottage Style Rugs


Whether for your cottage or your country style home, cottage style rugs have a warm and inviting feel with a (usually) neutral color scheme. Cottage style rugs are great for kitchens, entryways, and bedrooms, both functionality and stylistically adding to the room. Common cottage style rug patterns include floral or animal skin, with some geometric and traditional designs also working well.


The cottage/country/lodge style is a broad category with a few consistencies. This category is intended for decor reminiscent of a cottage, lodge, or country home, and as such often reflects nature-themed patterns. Floral and animal print are common, as well as patterns depicting wildlife such as birds. Sometimes, country landscapes can also be used in rugs, wall art, and other types of decorations. Another common occurrence in the country/cottage/lodge category is the use of neutral colors. Though occasionally floral patterns and artful country depictions may use more color, country style decor tends to use a lot of brown and muted greens. These colors are abundant in rural locations, and can be nostalgic of an up north or country home for those living in the city.

So if you are looking to bring the charming atmosphere of the country to your home, or furnishing a cottage or lodge, our selection of cottage style rugs make a great addition to the look and feel of any living space.


How to Mix & Match Your Throw Pillows

sferra-corsini-dec-pillowThrow pillows are one of the best ways for you to showcase your personality in your living space. No matter which side of your personality you want to shine through, throw pillows give you the perfect opportunity to talk about yourself without actually speaking.

So how do you go about mixing throw pillows that seemingly don’t match?

Matchy-matchy home furnishings are totally overrated, so combining different patterns, textures, and colors isn’t too hard.

If you have a fairly neutral color scheme in your living room, you can do pretty much anything with your throw pillows. Black, white, brown, and navy are all excellent base colors that allow you to have lots of fun with your accessories.

For your first set of pillows, choose a pair with a large, obvious pattern, or a pair with texture in a solid color. The pattern or texture can be as intricate or bold as you like. If you’re unsure, stripes are nearly always a good choice. Stripes are to pattern-mixing what black is to color-matching. Thick stripes, paisley, big florals, and chunky animal print are all good examples.








Your second set of pillows should feature a smaller, more subtle pattern. Wherever you went big and bold with the first pair, go in the opposite direction with the second — but not so opposite that your pillows are boring. Remember, this is a chance to have fun with your décor! Houndstooth, small stripes, tiny polka dots, and intricate latticework are all easy choices.








Things to keep in mind:

One of your pillow pairs should be smaller than the other. Make sure to check the dimensions before you buy, because you want to be able to see the patterns and colors rather than hide them. Plus, differently sized pillows give your sofa more depth and dimension for a more attractive room.

If you don’t have a natural eye for coordinating colors, that’s okay! If one set of pillows has a subtle shade in it that you really like, find a second set of pillows that features that color more dominantly.

color-wheel-mix-match-throw-pillowsAlso keep an image of a color wheel in mind. Wedges in the wheel will coordinate well with the colors across from them, and less so with the colors next to them.

If you would prefer to skip the second pair of pillows, you can get a rug instead. It’s just as easy to coordinate with your pillows, and it can have an even bigger impact on your space.

Holiday Gift Guide

Need a gift that everyone can enjoy?

Give the gift of comfort.


For the couch-napper


For the indulgent one


For the aspiring witch or wizard






For man’s best friend


For the Hoosier


For the cuddler








For the advice-giver


For the wild one


For the new parents








For the cougar


For the Ice Queen


For the one who accepts only the best







For the Doctor


For the fan who never gives up hope


For the one with the green thumb






For the budding athlete



For the Anglophile


For the Celine Dion fan







For the eco-friendly soul


For the music lover


For your favorite hostess







Find everything you need to keep your friends and family comfortable year-round with the fabulous selection of bedding, bath, and home décor pieces at LinensforLiving.

Happy holidays, and happy shopping!

How to Make Creative & Festive Holiday Table Settings

linensforliving-holiday-centerpiece-ideas-2As the beginning of November draws nigh, it’s time to start thinking about holiday parties. If you’re someone who typically prefers to attend them at other people’s homes, kudos to you. All you need to worry about is enjoying yourself and being a good guest.

On the other hand, if you typically host a gathering or party of some kind, you know that a well-decorated party is a party that is remembered. Stand-out centerpieces will catch your guests’ attention, and buffet table accents can keep them talking until next year. Plus, it’s always satisfying to look at your home and know that your decorations and setup look incredible.

linensforliving-holiday-centerpiece-ideasIf your get-together is harvest-themed, as many are in the fall, you could always go with the classic cornucopia. Lots of craft stores carry them at this time of year, and you can fill them with all sorts of tiny gourds and corn, which many farmers’ markets and orchards sell in the fall. Or if you want individual table settings, you can make little dessert cornucopias out of ice cream cones to place at each person’s spot at the table!

If your style is a little simpler, try this combination: a large cup + seasonal produce. It’s super easy, and it brings in the spirit of the season without getting overly festive or complicated. For instance, floating a few apples in a water-filled vase or cup totally cries “harvest,” and it gives your home a fresh feel at the same time. If it’s closer to Christmas, just fill a cup with cranberries and a little water, and then put a floating candle on top. So festive.

linensforliving-holiday-centerpiece-ideas-3Maybe table runners are more your style. It’s easy to make a natural table runner simply by arranging evergreen springs and pine cones along the center of the table. It’ll require a little time, as you’ll need to gather as much as you want and set it up, but the effect will look effortless. If you prefer something a little more controlled, you can get a long, narrow box without a lid, or a baguette tray, and fill it with seasonal produce, pine sprigs, candles, or flowers. These are great because you get to be as creative as you like, with whichever materials you like.

Lastly, don’t forget that even if you have the perfect decorations, dining staples such as napkins and tablecloths are just as important at your party. We have a great selection of gorgeous table linens to complete your theme                                                              and help your holiday gathering go as smoothly as possible.

And if you’re looking for a little more inspiration, check out                                                              our “Table Tableaux” board on Pinterest!

DIY Sachets for Your Linen Closet and Drawers

Sachets are one of the easiest ways to make sure that your linens always have a fresh, calming scent. They’re low-maintenance, and depending on the instructions you find on the internet, they’re pretty easy and inexpensive to make. And sachets can be made with so many different materials and scents that you can make yours as decorative and complex, or as simple and utilitarian, as you like.

fabric-sachet-lavender  easy-coffee-filter-sachet


  • A porous material or fabric. This can range from a coffee filter or a reusable tea bag, if you want to keep this as simple and inexpensive as possible, to muslin or cotton for a more attractive look or a gift.
  • Potpourri, dried lavender, or some other kind of pleasant-smelling herb. You can also use rice, which you soak with some kind of essential oil.


  1. If you’re making your sachet out of real fabric, cut out two identical rectangles in any size you want. Sew three of the sides together with the outer surface of each piece facing inside, since you’ll have to turn it inside out (or outside in, in this case) in order to keep the seams inside the pouch. If you’re using a coffee filter or tea bag, this step doesn’t apply to you.
  2. Fill your pouch, coffee filter, or tea bag with your scent. If you’ve chosen to use oil-soaked rice, we recommend soaking the rice in a separate bowl first and stirring it a little first.
  3. Close your sachet. If you’ve made a fabric sachet, sew the open side closed. If your sachet is made from a coffee filter, use a ribbon, or even a twist tie or a thin rubber band, to close it.

And there you have your sachet — easy and inexpensive to make! Put it in any drawer or closet to keep your linens smelling fresh and clean for ages.

Making the Most of Blanket Season


Peacock Alley All Seasons Blanket

Now that autumn is officially here, there’s no question that it’s time to start enjoying brisk weather, colorful leaves, and maybe even a pumpkin spice latte or two. It’s also the beginning of blanket season, so get ready to snuggle.

However, it’s not until you need to use your blankets that you generally find if any of them are getting old and threadbare. If that’s the case, then you know that it’s probably time to replace them, since they’re not going to keep you cozy and warm like a new, plush blanket would.


Tommy Bahama Super Queen Blanket by DOWNLITE

A cotton blanket is going to be easy to wash and care for, which is good, since a well-loved blanket will take a few hits if it gets used a lot. Cotton is also great because it’s a breathable fabric that can be comfortable in all seasons.

Wool blankets are also a popular choice. A wool blanket is going to be a little heavier than some other kinds of blankets, but you can’t beat the fact that wool is a natural fiber that requires little to no chemicals when it’s processed. Plus, wool doesn’t mold or mildew, so if you live in a humid environment, it’s going to stay healthy and hypoallergenic.

One of the most popular kinds of wool is cashmere. Cashmere is a luxury fabric, but there’s a reason it’s been a favorite for centuries. Textiles made of cashmere are known for being sumptuously soft and warm, and they have the same natural and hypoallergenic properties as generic wool.

It’s important when you’re shopping to remember where and how you’re going to use your blanket. A blanket that you keep on your bed for chilly nights may not be the same kind you keep on your sofa for a movie night with ice cream.

If you’re not sure what kind of blanket you’re looking for, check out LinensforLiving. We have a wide variety of blankets, so you can get an idea of what you need to keep cozy during blanket season.