What Is Sateen?

Peacock Alley Soprano Cuff Pillowcase PairSateen is one of the most popular types of textile weave. Like percale, it is commonly used in bedding — but it has a different weight, feel, and sheen. Ultimately, choosing sateen sheets is a personal choice based on what you find comfortable.

Sateen fabrics are not a plain weave, which is where each weft (widthwise) and warp (lengthwise) crisscrosses in an even pattern — one over, one under, and so on.

SFERRA Parro King QuiltInstead, the sateen weave is characterized by the way that the warp yarn “floats” over several weft yarns. Rather than going over one weft thread and under the next, the warp goes over three or four weft threads. This is how sateen gets its trademark gloss and smoothness.

Because this weave has so many floating threads, it is woven very tightly in order to minimize wear. Sateen is also a little thicker than percale, which means it is heavier. Bedding with a sateen weave is extra comfortable in winter because it will keep you warmer.

But again, ultimately, choosing sateen bedding is entirely a matter of personal comfort. Regardless of whether or not you think sateen is a good fit for you, LinensforLiving has a huge selection of bedding in sateen, percale, and jacquard weaves so that you can find the perfect bedding for you.


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