This Is How You Should Store Your Linens

If you have sheets or table linens that you only pull out when guests come around, then you know that it’s important to care for them properly. Since these linens spend most of the year tucked away waiting to be used, it’s necessary to store them safely so that they retain their good quality on the rare occasion that you pull them out.

There are two common methods for storing linens.

sferra-festival-tablecloth-oblong-11. The first is to fold them and keep them in a cool, dry place. This could be a linen closet, a cedar-lined drawer or trunk, a garment bag, or a storage container.

One important thing to keep in mind with this strategy is that your linens will keep their color and integrity best if you wrap them in acid-free tissue paper or a clean piece of cotton or linen fabric.

You should also layer your pieces according to weight. The heavier fabrics should go on the bottom, and the lighter ones on top. This will help prevent stressing along                                                                 the fold lines on the lighter fabrics, which in turn will keep                                                                the threads from breaking.

sferra-tesoro-sheet-set2. The second method for storing linens is to hang them on padded hangers. Any dry, cool closet with a hanger rod will do.

When you have them hanging, it’s a good idea to cover them with an old, clean pillowcase made of cotton or linen. If you use a plastic bag, you run the risk of trapping any potential moisture in the fabric, and possibly even discoloring your linens by a chemical reaction.

A few extra things to keep in mind as you store your linens:

  • Don’t starch your linens before you store them. Starch attracts insects, even if you have them stored in an airtight container or a cedar-lined drawer.
  • Always thoroughly clean and dry your linens before you put them away for an extended period of time. When you use them again, you want to be able to use them immediately.
  • Every 4-6 months, check on your linens. Look for mildew or bugs, and shake them briefly to make sure that the fold creases go away.
  • You can also put a lavender sachet in your closet or drawer to keep your linens smelling fresh! Read our post on DIY sachets to make your own.

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