This Is How You Should Clean Your Luxury Linens

sferra-riano-king-blanketWhen you invest in luxury linens, you plan on using them for years to come. That’s one of the main reasons to get luxury linens — when properly cared for, they last much longer than cheaper department store bedding and towels.

Follow these care tips to ensure that your linens last as long as possible.


Before you use your linens for the first time, make peacock-alley-uptown-bath-towelsure to pre-wash them — especially if you’re washing bedding. Not only is it standard practice to wash brand new linens, but luxury linens get softer with each washing.

If you are using a washing machine, use lukewarm water on the gentle cycle to ensure the integrity of the fibers. It’s also important to remember that regular softener can damage your linens and leave chemicals on your skin, so use vinegar instead. If you insist on using detergent, use about half the recommended amount, and make sure to dilute it before pouring it onto your linens.

Always check the washing instructions. Because the lifespan of your linens depends on how you care for them, follow the instructions that come with them. If they need to be hand-washed, hand wash them. If they need to be dry-cleaned, dry-clean them. This will help your linens last as long as possible, which will save you money in the long run.


The safest and gentlest way to dry linens is by hanging them out on the line, but that’s not a feasible option for most people. When you use your machine dryer, check the label before you choose a setting. Low heat is a pretty safe setting for most linens, but make sure to remove and shake out your linens while they’re still a little damp.

High heat is never recommended when machine-drying linens because it’s a sure-fire way to weaken the fibers. Once weakened, they cannot be strengthened, and they will wear out and break more quickly, resulting in pilling.

Drying linens on high heat will also cause the most shrinkage. Even though many companies will pre-shrink their products, shrinkage is an expected result of any first wash. The best way to make sure that your linens retain their best shape and size is to avoid high heat at any and all points during the laundering process.

See our post on how to store your linens so that they stay in great shape for years to come.


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