How to Mix & Match Your Throw Pillows

sferra-corsini-dec-pillowThrow pillows are one of the best ways for you to showcase your personality in your living space. No matter which side of your personality you want to shine through, throw pillows give you the perfect opportunity to talk about yourself without actually speaking.

So how do you go about mixing throw pillows that seemingly don’t match?

Matchy-matchy home furnishings are totally overrated, so combining different patterns, textures, and colors isn’t too hard.

If you have a fairly neutral color scheme in your living room, you can do pretty much anything with your throw pillows. Black, white, brown, and navy are all excellent base colors that allow you to have lots of fun with your accessories.

For your first set of pillows, choose a pair with a large, obvious pattern, or a pair with texture in a solid color. The pattern or texture can be as intricate or bold as you like. If you’re unsure, stripes are nearly always a good choice. Stripes are to pattern-mixing what black is to color-matching. Thick stripes, paisley, big florals, and chunky animal print are all good examples.








Your second set of pillows should feature a smaller, more subtle pattern. Wherever you went big and bold with the first pair, go in the opposite direction with the second — but not so opposite that your pillows are boring. Remember, this is a chance to have fun with your décor! Houndstooth, small stripes, tiny polka dots, and intricate latticework are all easy choices.








Things to keep in mind:

One of your pillow pairs should be smaller than the other. Make sure to check the dimensions before you buy, because you want to be able to see the patterns and colors rather than hide them. Plus, differently sized pillows give your sofa more depth and dimension for a more attractive room.

If you don’t have a natural eye for coordinating colors, that’s okay! If one set of pillows has a subtle shade in it that you really like, find a second set of pillows that features that color more dominantly.

color-wheel-mix-match-throw-pillowsAlso keep an image of a color wheel in mind. Wedges in the wheel will coordinate well with the colors across from them, and less so with the colors next to them.

If you would prefer to skip the second pair of pillows, you can get a rug instead. It’s just as easy to coordinate with your pillows, and it can have an even bigger impact on your space.


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