How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?

SFERRA Grande Hotel King Sheet SetThis may seem like an elementary question, but there are actually lots of people who don’t know how important it is to wash your sheets on a regular basis (and not regular as in four times a year).

It’s also important to know because washing your sheets is an essential part of maintaining their quality. If you’ve invested in luxury bedding, then you want to make sure that that investment lasts a long time; you want to get your money’s worth.

First, it’s imperative to understand what’s in your bed. Because of the way bodies work, your bed is going to have lots of dead skin cells, hair, oils, and sweat in it. That’s just part of being a human being. However, you have a certain degree of control over how much of that you have to sleep in.

Investing in a mattress protector is part of maintaining a healthy, clean sleeping environment. This will help prevent your bodily fragments and fluids from getting into the mattress.

It also means that all of that nasty stuff is going to build up on and in your sheets.

The best way to ensure that your bed is as clean as possible is to wash your sheets once a week. Plus, luxury bedding is designed to get softer with every wash, since luxury bedding manufacturers weave and finish their products in the best methods possible.

Always pay attention to the washing instructions on your bedding, because the material or the weave may require special care or a more delicate wash. And if you want to help your sheets last even longer, check out our previous post on replacing your fabric softener.

Sleep well, and sleep healthy.


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