DIY Sachets for Your Linen Closet and Drawers

Sachets are one of the easiest ways to make sure that your linens always have a fresh, calming scent. They’re low-maintenance, and depending on the instructions you find on the internet, they’re pretty easy and inexpensive to make. And sachets can be made with so many different materials and scents that you can make yours as decorative and complex, or as simple and utilitarian, as you like.

fabric-sachet-lavender  easy-coffee-filter-sachet


  • A porous material or fabric. This can range from a coffee filter or a reusable tea bag, if you want to keep this as simple and inexpensive as possible, to muslin or cotton for a more attractive look or a gift.
  • Potpourri, dried lavender, or some other kind of pleasant-smelling herb. You can also use rice, which you soak with some kind of essential oil.


  1. If you’re making your sachet out of real fabric, cut out two identical rectangles in any size you want. Sew three of the sides together with the outer surface of each piece facing inside, since you’ll have to turn it inside out (or outside in, in this case) in order to keep the seams inside the pouch. If you’re using a coffee filter or tea bag, this step doesn’t apply to you.
  2. Fill your pouch, coffee filter, or tea bag with your scent. If you’ve chosen to use oil-soaked rice, we recommend soaking the rice in a separate bowl first and stirring it a little first.
  3. Close your sachet. If you’ve made a fabric sachet, sew the open side closed. If your sachet is made from a coffee filter, use a ribbon, or even a twist tie or a thin rubber band, to close it.

And there you have your sachet — easy and inexpensive to make! Put it in any drawer or closet to keep your linens smelling fresh and clean for ages.


2 thoughts on “DIY Sachets for Your Linen Closet and Drawers

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