Expect the Unexpected: Wool Bedding

sferra-dorsey-throw-1Wool. It’s always been portrayed as itchy, scratchy, and hot. But has anyone ever thought that maybe we’re all just living a lie?

Wool is actually a lot more versatile than most people think, and a lot of this is because it’s a natural fiber. It’s not man-made, and it doesn’t require chemicals to be processed into something functional and comfortable. The qualities that stem from these characteristics mean that wool creates a healthy sleep environment. Plus, wool can help you sleep more deeply.

One of the best traits of wool is that its fiber structure doesn’t retain moisture. The fibers are semi-permeable, so it absorbs any moisture and allows it to evaporate. This means that the fibers closest to your skin remain dry. This is especially great if you are a sweaty sleeper. So if you have wool bedding, it’s not going to grow mold, mildew, or any other kinds of microbes; it also won’t retain a gross smell.

This same quality allows wool to regulate your body temperature. So if you are a hot sleeper, or even a sweaty sleeper, wool will draw excess heat and moisture away from your body. At the same time, that layer of fibers closest to your body remains dry, which retains heat at the surface of your skin, keeping you warm in cold months.

Additionally, wool is hypoallergenic. Because chemicals aren’t used in the production of woolen goods, the only potential allergen in wool is the lanolin, which is the oil found in wool fibers. Very few people are allergic to lanolin, but far, far more are allergic to the harsh chemicals that are used in the manufacture of many other fabrics.

What’s even cooler, and even something unexpected, is that wool actually can lower your heart rate. Scientists at the Polytechnic Institute of Wales conducted a study measuring the physical effects of various fibers on human sleep, and they discovered that people who slept with wool bedding experienced a lower heart rate. A lower heart rate results in deeper, more restful sleep; this leads to a more energized day once you wake up.

Even though wool seems like a nontraditional choice for bedding, it’s actually a great way to increase the quality of your sleep, and therefore, your life. It’s also a nice choice if you prefer natural materials and more eco-friendly manufacturing methods.

We carry several kinds of wool bedding, including pillows, comforters, and mattress pads. Isn’t it nice to know that simply switching out your bedding can result in better sleep? I guess it’s true what they say: all’s wool that ends wool.


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