What Is Batting?

Powell Hand-Tacked Comforter by Eastern AccentsOne of the most important factors in the quality of the bedding you buy is also one of the least obvious — the batting. In the linens and textiles industry, batting is an absolute essential when you’re looking for any kind of bedding thicker than a blanket. It’s the fibrous material between layers of fabric that insulates you.

Batts are made with a drum carder, which pulls the fibers straight and lays them into the storage drum’s card cloth. The result is either a flat, sheet-like piece or an unformed mass of fibers.

The two most notable factors to keep in mind with batting are the fiber and the loft.

Your most popular fibers are cotton, polyester, and a cotton-poly blend. Cotton and polyester each have specific benefits, but by combining them, you get benefits of both.

Cotton is a natural fiber, which gives it an edge over polyester, especially with the growing trend toward natural products. It’s also more breathable than polyester. Quilts, duvets, and comforters made with cotton batting need to have close stitching, because cotton batting will shift over time.

Polyester batting has a lower price tag than most other kinds of batting. These fibers also will shift as time passes, so bedding made with polyester batting should have close stitching or baffles to keep it in place.

Cotton-poly batting usually comes in a 80:20 ratio, respectively. Its characteristics are very similar to cotton, but you also get a cheaper price than if you were to choose bedding with 100% cotton batting.

As far as loft goes, it’s mainly about personal preference. The higher the loft, the thicker your bedding will be. This is going to affect both the appearance and the warmth of the bedding. Many people have quilts with low-loft batting in them for the summer months, and comforters or duvets with high-loft batting for winter.

Check out our wide selection of bedding at linensforliving.com. We have quilts, comforters, and duvets with different kinds of batting and loft so that you can find exactly what you need to make a comfortable bed.


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