Get Down Tonight

Goose Down FeathersIf you’re looking for bedding with down in it, you know that you’re looking for a product that is cozy, comfy, and warm. From duvets to pillows, down is used in a number of different items — and at a number of different levels of quality.

The best kind of down is Eider down, which comes from the Eider duck in northern Europe. It is luxuriously soft and fluffy, and it has a massive fill power of up to 1200 — the highest natural fill power there is. Because it has such a great fill power, it does an exceptionally good job of providing insulation and warmth.

However, goose down will still do a very good job of supplying plush comfort. Not only is it more affordable, but its lower fill power is still insulating enough to keep you cozy in most climates, especially in the United States. Products with goose down will give you a more comfortable performance, temperature-wise, for a smaller price than that of Eider down.

The International Association of Bedding and Furniture Law Offices has developed several laws regarding the labeling of down products, including an important one that went into effect in 2000. This states that a product can only be labeled as “Down” if it contains at least 75% real down. If 90% of the fill is from a specific species, such as goose, the product can be labeled as “Goose Down.” And the term “100% Down” can only be used if the product is truly made with 100% down.

Now with the know-how and the legal info, you can go out and buy quality down bedding. You can check out our inventory at, where we offers a variety of excellent down products at prices that are lower than a brick-and-mortar store. Wherever you go for your down bedding, go forth with new and detailed knowledge.


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