Catch a Wave and You’re Sittin’ on Top of the World

Home Source Lipstick Beach TowelIt probably doesn’t feel like it yet, but spring is here, and summer is soon to follow. Easter is around the corner, and college and high school kids have already visited the touristy beaches for their spring breaks. The swimsuits are starting to hit the racks in stores, and everyone is beginning to get in shape.

While the beach towels haven’t come out in full force yet, they’re one of the most important parts of going to the beach. The best kind have a high fiber count and a high GSM, both of which result in better absorption and a softer feel. If you get an extra long beach towel, your feet won’t hang off into the sand — and that’s a plus. There’s also color and design to consider, because — if we’re being honest — the beach is a place where people tend to show off. Regardless of how much showing off you intend to do, it’s nice to know that you have a towel that fits your tastes and personality.

Homesource International makes a number of pop culture-inspired beach towels that you’ll love. They range from archived New Yorker magazine covers to classic Coke ads, so they’re perfect if you appreciate a vintage vogue. With a simple click, it’s easy to show off your personal style all summer long.


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