Dreamfit Sheets

Dreamfit Sheets: A Better Fit

Dreamfit SheetsWe all know what it’s like to make a bed after washing the bedding, only to realize that the sheets have shrunk in the dryer. Not only is it annoying to know that you wasted money on low-quality sheets, but it’s also really aggravating when you have to stretch and pull the sheets as taut as possible to get them to fit over the corners of your mattress.

Enter Dreamfit, makers of quality bed sheets that everyone can afford. Dreamfit sheets are designed to be oversized, so they’ll fit over the corners of your mattress without any tugging or stretching. Plus, each set is pre-shrunk, so they’ll fit the same way during their entire lifespan.

Each set of Dreamfit sheets is made with three special features. The patented Guaranteed To Fit & Guaranteed To Stay On™ construction is what allows these sheets to easily fit onto any mattress, no matter its depth. The DreamFlex™ corner bands are also patented, and they are solid and thick to help maintain elasticity and fit so that the corners don’t come off. Finally, the DreamFlex™ 360º elastic band provides an extra degree of security; it is a full inch thick, designed as one more measure to keep your sheets from slipping off.

If you’re tired of sheets that keep shrinking on you, you’ll want to look into the different types of well-fitted sheets that Dreamfit offers. With seven different degrees of quality to choose from, you get a full range of luxury to choose from in order to enjoy a better night’s sleep.


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