New Wind Camomillo Argan Oil Memory Foam Pillow

New Wind Camomillo Pillow

New Wind Camomillo Argan Oil Memory Foam PillowMemory foam is a very popular material in pillows because it delivers both support and comfort, cushioning and molding to the head and neck without allowing imprints to form over time. One of the unique properties of memory foam is that materials such as  natural oils can be added to the foam for aromatherapy purposes. Popular materials that are mixed into memory foam include aloe vera and lavender.

LinensforLiving carries a wide variety of memory foam pillows, including some by New Wind, an Italian company known for manufacturing eco-friendly luxury memory foam products. New Wind blends a number of different kinds of aromatherapy products into their pillows, including chamomile. The lusciousness of the chamomile infusion helps you relax as you lay down, so you can sleep more deeply. The different oils used in New Wind memory foam are natural, so you’re not getting a pillow full of chemicals.

If you’re looking into the advantages of memory foam pillows, you may want to check out these New Wind pillows for the added benefit of aromatherapy. After all, there’s no real replacement for quality sleep, and a pillow like this could be the key to a more restful night.


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