Downright Himalaya Siberian Winter Comforter

Winter-Weight Comforters

Downright Himalaya Siberian Winter ComforterAfter the cheer of Christmas has inevitably faded away, things begin to feel a little colder. Not only have most people moved back to their regular lives and schedules, but also winter is in full effect now. Temperatures drop to a low plateau, and we crank the heat and bundle up to avoid it.

One of the best ways to bundle up at night is with a winter-weight comforter. This is a heavier comforter, usually with a higher fill power, that does a better job at insulating your body and your bed quickly each night. However, there are a couple of factors to keep in mind when you are looking for a new comforter. If you are a hot or sweaty sleeper, even in the winter, you may want to look for something more lightweight. Also remember how high you keep your thermostat at night, as it too contributes to your overall warmth.

But if you tend to be rather cold at night, and if you don’t wake up feeling overly warm, a winter-weight comforter is probably a good choice for you. Plus, it may mean that you can save money by keeping your thermostat a few degrees lower. Once you’ve decided what kind of weight you want your comforter to have, you can move on to choose size and color — and then you’re truly on your way to an effortless, comfortable night’s sleep.


2 thoughts on “Winter-Weight Comforters

  1. Maria Inzunza

    I really would love to buy this comforter…please let me know where I can get it..whether its in store ir online..thank you…



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